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We’ve sold vegan products since 1954, we just don’t shout about it!

We’ve sold vegan products since 1954, we just don’t shout about it!

If there’s one thing we are proud of at Ingle’s, it’s our heritage. We believe that when it comes to flavour, the generations before us had it spot on, so we’ve stuck with their traditional baking recipes for decades. Many of these great tasting goodies that we’ve been delivering freshly, to our 48 shops each morning are in fact vegan… maybe you just didn’t know about it?

Now, in light of the recent surge in popularity of vegan foods, whether this is for ethical, health or lifestyle reasons, we feel it necessary to highlight to our customers the vegan products we sell. We haven’t changed or replaced our recipes with a list of wild ingredients or substitutions, just simple ingredients we’ve used for years.

At Ingles we make our breads classically and traditionally with flour, water, salt and yeast, so consequently many of the Ingles loaves are – and always have been – safe to eat if following a vegan diet. We tend to avoid any nasty additives or stabilisers, which are used in commonly used in commercial production (such as whey or eggs) and all of our loaves are made fresh on the day of purchase.

There’s more good news for our vegan customers. Our deliciously moorish iced ring, sugar ring and half nut doughnuts are vegan friendly too. These little balls of joy are open fried in high quality vegetable oil for a light and fluffy texture. We are currently working on our next addition to the vegan menu, but if you have a suggestion of what you’d like to see on our shelves, we’d love to hear from you.

Find out more about our vegan range here.

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