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The Ingles rebrand

The Ingles rebrand

It is with much excitement that we want to officially acknowledge our recent rebrand and some of the huge and significant changes we’ve been making. The rebrand, which coincides with our 65th birthday, is a fantastic opportunity to communicate with both our existing customers and attract new clientele.

One of the key objectives is to share more about our heritage in traditional baking and the original recipes that have kept us in business since 1954. As a family business which is actively run by 5th generation Ingles, we have a credible voice within this space and its this history and authenticity we want our customers to see.

Just over a year ago, we appointed design agency Brand-ing to embark on this journey with us in a role that would reimagine the branding and communications – using a consistent strand that runs from our logo and digital, through to packaging and interiors. We traced back to imagery from the first Percy Ingle bakery on Clarence Road in East London and it was from here that the logo design was created and the rest would follow.

Gary Ingram, founder of Brand-ing had a great understanding of what we wanted, “Percy Ingle has long been an iconic feature within many London and Essex communities. They have a loyal customer base that value quality and value and it’s our job to communicate this to the next generation of customers”.

Michael Ingle adds, “Being a family-run business, we will always be protective of the legacy our grandfathers left us, but we also understand that times change and even a logo has a shelf life. We love what we’ve seen so far and are excited to hear the response from our customers”.




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