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Going nuts for Doughnuts!

Going nuts for Doughnuts!

If you are anything like us, we can’t be without our mid morning break. Taking a moment to enjoy a pause, with a good brew and something sweet – also known around here as “elevenses’- is something of a ritual. And recently we’ve gone crazy for doughnuts, launching 5 new flavours.

Doughnuts have always been a go-to choice for our customers, but with a recent spike in popularity, our development team has gone wild, giving us 5 tasty additions, which takes our total offering to 23 different mouth-watering doughnut flavours. Our doughnuts, like the majority of our goods, are delivered fresh to our 48 shops each morning from our East London bakery.

So what’s our secret? All of our doughnuts are open fried, meaning the doughnuts are fried on one side then flipped over. The benefits of producing the doughnuts this way is that they absorb far less oil, which helps to create a much lighter, soft textured, yummier doughnut.

Then comes the exciting bit… Doughnuts are finished by hand with a variety of custom iced toppings, delicious fillings and a drizzle or a shaving of something special. All doughnuts are vegetarian and there are several tasty vegan options amongst the list too.

Our most recent additions are the Mini Chocolate Doughnut, Toffee & Pecan Doughnut, White Chocolate Doughnut, the Smarty Doughnut and the White Iced Finger Doughnut – just talking about this is making us salivate!

Do you have a favourite flavour? Don’t forget to post your Ingles ‘elevenses’ on Instagram @percy_ingle and tag us. We want to hear from you!

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