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Christmas treats

Christmas treats

To say it’s been a busy year at Ingles is an understatement, so we’re pleased our favourite period has finally arrived and we get to share our exciting new seasonal additions with you.

Our seasonal range is made to the usual high standards set by the Ingles past and present. Our team of skilled bakers make everything locally each night in East London using only high quality ingredients. Each product is lovingly made and in many cases, hand-finished and then delivered fresh to our shops each and every morning. And yes, we did take a few logistical tips from Santa to get this right!

So to begin, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without Mince Pies would it? Ingles have a wonderful bond with these classic beauties and it seems you love them as much as we do. So this year, we have the classic shortcrust Mince Pie, a Mince Danish for a light and flakier finish and a vegan Mince Puff, because you’ve asked for alternatives and we’ve delivered.

Save some space for our festive Doughnuts. These light and airy balls of joy have been given a Christmas makeover, so look out for our Christmas pudding and snowman decorative doughnuts. We also have a brand new vegan cinnamon option for you to try!

To appeal to the kids (but tasty enough to share with the grown-ups), we’ve included a Christmas Tree Biscuit, Christmas Tree Cupcake, Santa Red Velvet Cupcake, Gingerbread Snowman and our Yule Log. All the usual great flavours, just with a seasonal spin.

And finally, if it’s typical rich and fruity flavours you’re after, we have Individual Fruit or Dundee Slices that are humming with the taste of classic Christmas fruit and spices. We know that sometimes one slice simply isn’t enough, so we’ve made a sharing sized Dundee Cake, Christmas Cakes and Christmas Pudding available to buy too.

We absolutely love meeting people from within our communities, especially now there’s a little more cheer in the air. Come in and say hello!

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