About Ingles

Our stores sit proudly amongst the high streets of East London and Essex, bringing people together since 1954 to enjoy our nation’s favourite baked goodies. From oven-bottom baked bread, to hand-finished cakes and savoury pastries, all prepared with freshly made fillings.

At Ingle’s, we focus on simple, high quality ingredients from a network of handpicked local suppliers. We receive daily deliveries to our bakery, containing the freshest ingredients that go into producing the contents of each shop, just hours before it reaches the shelves. It is this holistic approach to baking that gives us the confidence to shout about our process with pride.

With each generation of Ingle, a life’s work of baking, together with some well-preserved and carefully treasured family recipes have been passed along. These traditional methods and hand-finished touches ensure the unique essence of the Ingle’s brand is consistently retained. What’s more, we have always believed in offering value for money, providing a quality menu at an accessible price point.

Aside from across the counter, we are always finding new ways to engage with our customers, launching new and seasonal products that are suited to all dietary preferences. Our vegetarian and vegan options are highlighted in all of our menus; allergen and nutritional information is available online.


We have always enjoyed giving back to our local communities and are conscious that without their continued support, we simply wouldn’t exist, so Ingle’s offer support to a wide range of fund raising activities.

We have enjoyed watching the resurgence of “community” in East London and Essex as people grow tired of mass production and superstores, instead heading back to their high street for local amenities. We see this as a great opportunity to bring our freshly baked, local goods to a new generation of customers.